Shooting a LinkedIn park profile picture

I was going on a little walk around the park and I thought I would test out my camera. My friend Tristan said he was actually in need of a new LinkedIn profile picture so I set about trying to find a good location outside with no special apparatus like a reflector or anything to hand.

I know what to try and create a little bit of a backdrop I got him to sit down on a bench against a red brick wall. I used a few basic directions to get him to position his head but I hadn’t really studied what professional headshots should look like too much beforehand.

I was also experimenting with using the black and white film simulation mode on the camera and these are the pictures as they came straight off the camera with no editing. He choose the last one to upload to LinkedIn – honest and earnest and the slight smidge of a smile but a serious guy.

Published by Rebecca Frankel

Photographer born in London

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