Perfect backdrop wall in my local park

Saw this beautifully mottled wall in my local park on a walk yesterday. Perfect colours and was great to pose ruth against – could get some distance so most of these were shot at 50mm and 80mm. I was testing out my “kit” lens – which was the Fuji 16-80mm f4 lens which was surprisingly great to use, and so easy to have all those lengths to play with. The earlier ones on this shoot (not here) were mostly around 35mm, and I realised I like shooting at 23mm (35mm in full frame) and then at the longer end – closer to 55m or even 80mm where i had space to properly get back.

Lessons learnt – same as alway. ONE i need to shoot at a faster speed. This was at ISO 400 and camera speed of around 1/30 to 1/60. Need to be more like 1/120 or 1/250 as a norm, so must step that ISO up. TWO key lights in the eyes are what the make the photos really shine and pull the viewer in. The below shots I love, but they lack this element because it was cloudy and we were in a dark corner.

Published by Rebecca Frankel

Photographer born in London

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