Focus fall out when shooting too wide

This photo is shot on f1.2 and notice how Charles earring is in focus but his EYE IS NOT! If you zoom in as I have did you can see. This is not ideal and is a reminder / a LESSON LEARNT that i need to shoot at at least f2 unless i am prepared for fall out if the model moves, or can clinically set focus to the eye and am in a more controlled setting with no moving of me or the subject (i.e. studio).

The settings for this photo were: 56mm lens, ISO 160, f1.2 and 1/1100, and I was standing on a stall to be more eye level as I am a shortie. Some photos did work on this setting and the eyes are tack sharp. But it is a big ask of luck when shooting from across the street to get that consistently.

Published by Rebecca Frankel

Photographer born in London

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