Getting Rid of SKIN SHINE

This is the one thing I want to do, that I can’t really do in Lightroom. So this is how to do it Photoshop by “painting” over the skin with correct colour flesh

  1. create a layer and call it skin texture / shine / somthing
  2. select the brush tool
  3. set it to opacity around 50% and flow around 20-35% and hardness to 0% and whatever size you want (I like around 50)
  4. you need to pick the colour so hover over skin nearby that is the right colour and press ALT key so it is selected as your colour
  5. then paint over the skin slowly – you’ll need to zoom out and look with and without the filter to see how it is going – you want it to be SUBTLE
only difference is the second image has had the shiny skin painted over slightly in Photoshop

Published by Rebecca Frankel

Photographer born in London

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