Quick Lightroom Face Edit

To break it down what I do

  1. Remove spots – using the SPOT toot and HEAL – with Opacity set to 100% so the spot is completely taken out and feather around 80 (although could be lower down to 50%) and the size realtive to the size of the spots (usually 10 – 20).
setting for removing spots
Only edit is spot removal using clone tool, done in LIGHTROOM

2. Reduce under eye using the heal tool, with opacity set to 40 so it is reduced rather than removed

settings for reducing under eye circles
Only additional edit is under eye reduction using clone tool

3. Brightening the eyes – paint over the eyeball / immediate eye area with the below brush settings and then play with exposure to increase it around 0.3 – 1 stops. You can go a bit crazy with this and get a real pop but it won’t look natural – need to find a good balance

Brush settings for brightening the eyes
Eye ball exposure increased by 0.5 stops

So in under 2 minutes you can quickly touch up a face with these three quick steps. More complex skin work or removal of objects requires Photoshop so this is nice easy quick win.

Published by Rebecca Frankel

Photographer born in London

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