Effect of high contrast photos

I wanted to learn how to take photos in extreme lighting conditions, i.e. bright slashes of sunlight, and to manually lock exposure for the part of the face in the light, rather than to expose as an average across the face. This creates a HIGH CONTRAST images, where there is a an extreme difference inContinue reading “Effect of high contrast photos”

Male Portrait Shoot with Poses

Female body posing is all about creating CURVES and playing up the hourglass ideal. For men it is more about angular poses I got some male pose inspiration for an outdoor park shoot from this guy on TikTok who’s profile seems to have been delated now : @houstonaaronray I met up with my pal inContinue reading “Male Portrait Shoot with Poses”

Learning to Sculpt the Body

Learning to sculpt the body is about playing with angles and curves, and how to accentuate them to provide a compelling outline of the body. For women, this usually means an hour glass shape. So sculpting is about accentuating or adding curves rather than straight lines. And of course making people look good – soContinue reading “Learning to Sculpt the Body”

Directing and Posing the Model’s Face

The most important part of portraiture (for head shots anyway) is giving clear guidance on how someone should move their skull so their face appears optimum, and they look confident, without smiling in a cheesy way. All people want to look hot and casually confident. And there is a way to do that! IT ISContinue reading “Directing and Posing the Model’s Face”

Shooting a LinkedIn park profile picture

I was going on a little walk around the park and I thought I would test out my camera. My friend Tristan said he was actually in need of a new LinkedIn profile picture so I set about trying to find a good location outside with no special apparatus like a reflector or anything toContinue reading “Shooting a LinkedIn park profile picture”

Shooting a self portrait into the backlight

Shooting into a backlight creates a dramatic look. The backlight (in my DIY set up) is actually just a net curtain over a window which creates a diffused bright light source. This was my first time doing a self portrait and I used my Fuji XT-3 on a tripod and used the Fuji mobile app.Continue reading “Shooting a self portrait into the backlight”