First Try Touching Up

Portrait photography and editing or doing digital touch ups is a funny one. Obviously at one end you have super specialists who touch up skin in highly technial ways to give air brushed cover looks. And then you have people who believe you shouldn’t change anything – the portrait is an accurate capture of someoneContinue reading “First Try Touching Up”

Quantity over Quality: Why I am pledging to do 40 portrait shoots

“I will take care of the quantity. The Great Creator will take care of the quality.” — The Artist’s Way During 2020’s first lockdown, I did The Artist Way, a 3-month course (daily writing, weekly check-ins) remotely with a group of amazing people I mostly hadn’t met before, curated by Nikhil Shah. One of Julia Cameron’s foundingContinue reading “Quantity over Quality: Why I am pledging to do 40 portrait shoots”